Whole Grain NIR Analyser

Omega G NIR Analyser

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Wholegrain & Seed Analyser

Omega G for Grain Measurement

The OmegAnalyzer G (also known as Omega G NIR Analyser) is a German engineered NIR analyser  for grain measurement and seed analysis. With pour through sample presentation  the Omega G gives rapid measurement of whole grain. The Omega G is a computer controlled dual beam  NIR grain measurement instrument used for the measurement of protein, moisture, oil, starch , fibre, gluten, sedimentation etc in grains and seeds. This grain measuring instrument comes equipped with a Windows Operating system and software for routine operation, developing and managing calibrations.






Ideal For:

  • Bench top location
  • Laboratory
  • Manufacturing plant
  • NIR  grain measurement
  • Grain protein measurement
  • NIR seed analysis, including Barley, Wheat, Corn, Soybeans, Rice and Rapeseed
  • Wholegrain receival points
  • Stockfeed production

Key Features

  • Pattern approval grain protein measuring instrument (NMI 15/1/7)
  • Included global calibrations
  • Wavelength range: 730nm -1100 nm
  • Increment: 0.5 nm
  • Sample Presentation: Whole grain flow cell (pour through)
  • Variable Path Length: 8-30 nm
  • Data Increment: < 1nm
  • Analysing time: 50 sec
  • Pour through whole grain sample presentation
  • Minimal sample preparation
  • No chemical or reagents required
  • High reproducibility
  • Internet ready