NIR Meat Analyser

FoodCheck NIR- For Precision Meat Analysis  by Bruins Instruments

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FoodCheck Analyser by Bruins

Also Available in Waterproof Housing



A Bruins FoodCheck NIR analyser is the ideal meat analyser using Near Infrared Technology to ensure manufacturer’s products comply with legal and customer  product specifications, and products  are manufactured to a consistent standard. Easy to use in either the laboratory or in the manufacturing plant, and with real-time results, instant quality decisions about your meat production can be made.

Ideal NIR For:

Meat analysis, including:  beef,  lamb, poultry, pork, sausages, manufactured meat and pet food

Key Features:

  • Universal Calibrations for parameters such as protein, fat, water
  • Optional waterproof stainless steel housing easily cleaned with soap and water (meets IP65 rating)
  • Fully transferable calibrations between instruments
  • Magnetically controlled sampling system allows multiple subsamples to be measured automatically for higher accuracy
  • Transmission mode for dependable reliable analysis
  • NIR Analyser Suitable for analysing frozen, ambient, or heated product
  • All sample data stored for traceability with onboard Access
  • Database (results exportable to xls)


  • Dimensions: 370 x 370 x 460 mm
  • Weight: 28 Kg
  • Wide Wavelength Range: 730- 1100nm transmission. 0.5nm scan increments giving 740 data points
  • Sample Presentation: magnetically controlled sample dishes
  • Single Channel double beam mode of measurement.
  • Integrated PC Board with network and USB Connectors.
  • Solid state industrial grade 2GB bootable flash memory.
  • Optional external mouse/ monitor/ keyboard.
  • Omega Predict Software utilising GRAMS PLSplus/ IQ multivariate analysis software