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Milk Standardisation with In-line Process Control

Milk Testing with In-line Process Control

The ProSpect analyser is the ideal  in-line process control for milk testing  and milk standardisation for: Milk Protein Concentrate; Whey Protein Concentrate; Whey Protein Isolate. The ProSpect in-line analyser is ideal for milk testing, determining the Total Solids, Protein and Fat composition of the milk concentrate stream updating the PLC every 30 seconds.

The PLC uses the information from the milk test performed by the ProSpect in-line analyser to make continuous adjustments to the Ultrafiltration machine’s ratio and diafiltration set points. By using the information from the  milk testing carried out by the ProSpect analyser and manipulating the critical set points on the UF machine you can control the Protein and Total Solid Levels of milk.  Perfect for Milk Standardisation.

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ProSpect easily fits into existing pipework