In-line Milk Testing

Real time Milk Analyser

The new ProSpect  in-line process controller gives you real-time milk testing in-line, using near infrared analyser scans to indicate the levels of protein and other milk constituents at varying concentration levels. Designed specifically for milk testing in the processing plant environment, the ProSpect in-line process controller gives milk producers in-line, real-time milk testing and milk process control, helping to reduce out-of-spec product and ensuring consistency of operation not previously available. We have a wide range of dairy calibrations available including MPC, WPC, skim milk, butter, MPC and cheese milk. Ideal for analysing fat, protein, lactose and total solids in milk and dairy products. The ProSpect in-line process controller is mounted adjacent to the milk process system in a stainless steel NEMA 4 cabinet. The fibre optic cables are installed directly into the milk process line in a specially designed stainless steel sanitary flow cell. The unit is capable of reference cell scanning during normal operation and verifies the milk calibration on a continuous basis. Scroll down for images of the ProSpect In-line Process Controller.

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Milk Standardisation

Milk Testing & Milk Analysis using the ProSpect Analyser



In-line Dairy Analysis using the ProSpect NIR Analyser

In-line Milk Testing using the ProSpect Analyser

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ProSpect-In-line Process Analyser