Milk Standardisation

About Milk Testing with the ProSpect  Milk Analyser

Milk Protein Concentrate; Whey Protein Concentrate; Whey Protein Isolate. The ProSpect tests the milk for the Total Solids, Protein and Fat composition in the concentrate stream updating the PLC every 30 seconds.

The PLC uses the information from the ProSpect analyser to make continuous adjustments to the Ultrafiltration machine’s ratio and diafiltration set points. By using the information supplied by the ProSpect analyser and manipulating the critical set points on the UF machine you can control the Protein and Total Solid Levels.

In-line Milk Testing

The ProSpect milk analyser delivers you a level of speed and accuracy in standardisation unachievable with traditional laboratory testing. The ProSpect milk analyser is calibrated to the laboratory method, ensuring milk testing accuracy, but removing the representative sample issues, delays and costs associated with post-batch standardisation. With it’s in-line position, the ProSpect analyser automatically and continuously controls your correct product composition/ recipe.

Optimum Uptime, Thanks to Easy Maintenance

Unlike alternative solutions, the ProSpect analyser requires very little maintenance. The sanitary flow cell is integrated into CIP routines and doesn’t need to be removed for inspection or calibration. Since the ProSpect analyser operates in-line there is no product waste during sampling and it is cleaned with the same chemicals as your process system.

The ProSpect analyser requires very little routine maintenance ensuring your continual process control and giving you very high uptime. Scheduled Preventative Maintenance is only required annually.

Easy to Install

The ProSpect analyser is easily installed adjacent to your process system and with little downtime. Fibre optic cables are installed directly into your process line in a specifically designed hygienic stainless steel flow cell.

The ProSpect analyser also seamlessly integrates into existing PLC/ Control Platforms in operation throughout the plant. Speedy implementation is easily achieved thanks to the pre-loaded calibrations that require only a small amount of localisation.

Robust Design

Specifically designed for the process environment, the ProSpect analyser is enclosed in a hygienic stainless steel NEMA 4 sealed cabinet. With the manufacturer’s company history steeped in process system design and manufacture they have been sure to design an analyser that tolerates everything a harsh process environment can throw at it including: vibrations, humidity and temperature fluctuations.

Simple to Operate

The completely automated analyser continuously compares multiple constituents and their concentration against production parameters, feeding required information to the Process Operator and to the integrated process control.

True Transmission Based Near Infrared Analysis for Unsurpassed Accuracy

At the heart of the ProSpect Analyser is the Near-infrared Spectrometer using an ultra high resolution diode array detector to deliver continuous, accurate analysis in transmittance mode. Transmission NIR has long been recognised as superior for in-line liquid analysis requiring high accuracy.


Calibrations have been developed for a wide range of milk and dairy products such as: MPC, WPC, skim milk, butter and cheese. To ensure a speedy implementation the ProSpect is pre-calibrated for multiple constituents including Fat, Protein, Lactose and Total Solids.

Better Process Control Equates to Increased Profit

With immediate, accurate information about your blending and product composition you can adjust your processes to maintain your product consistency, reducing product giveaway, out-of-spec products and safety margins.

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