Manufactured Meat NIR Analyser

Bruins precision NIR meat analysers (FoodCheck) are ideal for analysing manufactured meats and sausages using near infrared. Based on over 30 years experience in NIR Spectroscopy, Bruins have produced a NIR meat analyser (FoodCheck) that is ideal for any production environment, with a stainless steel water resistant housing  (IP65 rating) it is easily cleaned with soap and water.  The unique magnetically controlled sample presentation system allows for the presentation of multiple sub-smaples for higher accuracy. The Bruins NIR meat analyser (FoodCheck) will analyse frozen, ambient or heated product for fat, protein and water.  The Bruins NIR meat analyser  (FoodCheck) comes standard with included Universal Calibrations, a wide wavelength range 730-1100nm with 740 data points and a fully self contained on-board computer with touch screen. Sample data is stored for traceability, and the data is exportable to XLS. Also available for analysing butter, cream, yoghurt and cheese

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