In-line Real-time Process Control

All new, in-line, near infrared analyser for process control now available in Australia. In-line real-time process control helps reduce out-of-spec product as well as product “giveaway” and assures consistency of operation not previously available. Ideal process control giving in-line milk analysis and dairy product analysis.


Process Control  Designed by the Experts

Designed by ProSpect Analytical Technology Inc (USA) and distributed in Australia by ProAnalytics Pty Ltd, the ProSpect in-line process controller gives milk and dairy product producers in-line, real-time process control. The ProSpect in-line process controller utilises near infrared scans to indicate the levels of protein and other constituents at varying concentration levels in Ultrafiltration, Microfiltration and other process equipment systems. This information is fed back to the membrane system with accuracies equal to the laboratory test method used as the basis of the calibration. By deploying the ProSpect in-line process controller in a processing plant, Producers can greatly reduce the number of lab tests required. Reducing lab tests will significantly reduce costs and allow genuine real time Quality Assurance and production decision-making.   The ProSpect in-line process controller is a transmission based NIR making it ideal for carrying out analysis on any liquid product flowing through a pipe. The ProSpect in-line process controller is specifically designed for the process environment with NEMA4 construction and with in-line CIP capability.  When installed on your membrane filtration system, ProSpect continuously analyses protein, fat and total solids. The propriety software interfaces with the process control platform to control the membrane system.

The ProSpect in-line process control is differentiated from other offerings in the market as it can be placed directly in the process/ factory environment and it can be fully integrated into the production process for better control. For users better process control equates to increased profit.  An example of the benefits of using a ProSpect analyser can be seen in its application in butter processing in the USA (where the analyser was developed). In the USA butter must be 80% butterfat by law to be sold as “butter”.  Anything less than 80% must go back through the process, which is costly, and anything more than 80% is giving product away.  Butter factories will produce product at 80.5% butterfat to be above the legally required 80% but they are still giving away 0.5% fat. When using the ProsPect analyser in the process butter factories can refine their process to produce 80.25% butterfat allowing producers to improve their profit by 0.25% times their production capacity.  This is achieved by automatically controlling the water addition on the continuous butter churn.  This level of integration has not previously been achievable from a single supplier, and usually involved multiple suppliers co-operating to achieve the outcomes. So now, producers can source an integrated on-line solution with the ProSpect in-line controller.  Analysis of existing installations throughout the USA demonstrates a return on investment of less than a year is achievable.

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