Bruins NIR Analysers

Omega G Grain Measurement

The OmegAnalyser G (also known as the Omega G)  is a German engineered grain measurement instrument using NIR spectroscopy and pour through sample presentation for rapid measurement. The Omega G is a computer controlled dual beam NIR analyser for the measurement of protein, moisture, oil, starch , fibre, gluten, sedimentation etc in grain and seeds. This NIR instrument comes equipped with a Windows Operating system and software for routine operation, developing and managing calibrations.

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Ideal NIR Analyser For:

  • NIR grain measurement (including whole grain, barley, wheat, corn, soybeans, rice)
  • Grain protein measurement
  • NIR measurement of oil seeds (including rapeseed)

    Wholegrain & Seed Analyser

    OmegAnalyser for Near Infrared Grain Analysis

  • Stockfeed production
  • Grain receival points
  • Manufacturing plant
  • Bench top location
  • Laboratory


Key Features:

  • Pattern approved grain protein measurement (NMI 15/1/7)
  • Near infrared wavelength range: 730nm -1100 nm
  • Increment: 0.5 nm
  • Sample Presentation: Whole grain flow cell (pour through)
  • Variable Path Length: 8-30 nm
  • Data Increment: < 1nm
  • Analysing time: 50 sec
  • Minimal sample preparation
  • No chemical or reagents required
  • High reproducibility
  • Internet ready


FoodCheck NIR Analyser

The FoodCheck NIR analyser is supplied with universal calibrations for a variety of products including meat, sausage, butter, cream, yoghurt and cheese. Components  such as protein, fat and water are reliably and accurately measured in frozen, ambient or heated product. The FoodCheck NIR analyser can be configured either for transmission or reflectance, and  with its water-tight stainless steel housing it can be easily cleaned with soap and water, making the FoodCheck NIR Analyser ideal for process environments. The patented magnetically controlled sample handling dish ensures multiple subsamples can be measured automatically for improved results.

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Ideal NIR Analyser For:

Near infrared analysis of Meats, Sausages, Butter, Cream, Yoghurt, Cheese

FoodCheck Analyser by Bruins

FoodCheck NIR Analyser by Bruins


Key Features:

  • Universal Calibrations for parameters such as protein, fat, water
  • Optional waterproof stainless steel housing easily cleaned with soap and water (meets IP65 rating)
  • Fully transferable calibrations between instruments
  • Magnetically controlled sampling system allows multiple subsamples to be measured automatically for higher accuracy
  • Near infrared transmission mode for dependable reliable analysis
  • Suitable for analysing frozen, ambient, or heated product
  • All sample data stored for traceability with onboard Access
  • Database (results exportable to xls)



  • Dimensions: 370 x 370 x 460 mm
  • Weight: 28 Kg
  • Wide Wavelength Range: 730- 1100nm transmission. 0.5nm scan increments giving 740 data points
  • Sample Presentation: magnetically controlled sample dishes
  • Single Channel double beam mode of measurement.
  • Integrated PC Board with network and USB Connectors.
  • Solid state industrial grade 2GB bootable flash memory.
  • Optional external mouse/ monitor/ keyboard.
  • Omega Predict Software utilising GRAMS PLSplus/ IQ multivariate analysis software