Hanovia UV Water Disinfection

Contamination of  dairy process water  can result in loss of product (not only resulting in production losses, but also higher waste effluent surcharge costs), product recalls, and lost consumer confidence. UV water disinfection using offers a viable alternative to conventional disinfection techniques for ensuring safe, microbe-free water and processing fluids in the dairy industry. Water containing high starch concentrations, transport water containing processing residues and process fluids can all be successfully treated using UV water disinfection.

Hanovia UV is available with 3rd party validation for guaranteed disinfection of process water without compromise!

Hanovia UV Water Disinfection is distributed in Australia by Fluidquip Australia Pty Ltd 02 4735 5054 (another company in the ProAnalytics Pty Ltd group).

Link to Fluidquip Australia for UV water disinfection