Partech Wastewater Monitoring

There is a constant requirement for food producers to comply with environmental regulations and to monitor and control wastewater and effluent before discharge. In addition, process plants must also recognise that unless close control is exercised over all stages of waste treatment, the process itself can also become ineffective. The monitoring of suspended solids or turbidity in wastewater from dairies and  food processing plants is a key parameter for assessing the quality of the effluent in respect of meeting consent levels. The results can be used as an aid for minimising waste, as well as indicating if there is any significant product loss through operator error.

Partech has a range of portable and in-situ monitors for monitoring wastewater and reuse water. Partech instruments are distributed in Australia by Fluidquip Australia Pty Ltd 0247 35 5054 (another company in the ProAnalytics Pty Ltd group).


Link to Fluidquip Australia for wastewater monitoring