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Designed with the Dairy Industry in Mind

ProSpect-In-line Process Analyser

The ProSpect inline analyser has been specifically designed for the dairy industry by ProSpect Analytical Technology Inc. Uniquely, the ProSpect inline analyser brings real-time control of production and testing to milk-based process lines utilising the strengths of Transmission based Near-Infrared Analysis. With Real-time product composition information and control manufacturer’s can optimise production, quality and formula management in milk and dairy.


Designed by People who Really Know Process Systems

The designers and manufacturers of the the ProSpect analyser, have been leading the world in filtration solutions for dairy manufacturers since 1982. They have spent their life designing and developing filtration solutions for dairy manufacturers, so it’s only natural for them to bring you the ability to continuously monitor and control constituent flow and concentrations. Would you trust your process control to anyone else?


In-line Process Control for Dairy

In-line Process Control

In-line Testing and Standardisation

The ProSpect analyser delivers you a level of speed and precision in product testing unachievable with traditional laboratory testing. The ProSpect inline analyser is calibrated to the laboratory method, ensuring accuracy, but removing the representative sample issues, delays and costs associated with post-batch standardisation. With it’s inline position, the ProSpect analyser automatically and continuously controls your correct milk and dairy product composition/ recipe.


Optimum Uptime, Thanks to Easy Maintenance

Unlike alternative solutions, the ProSpect inline process analyser requires very little maintenance. The sanitary flow cell is integrated into CIP routines and doesn’t need to be removed for inspection or calibration. Since the ProSpect analyser operates in-line there is no product waste during sampling and it is cleaned with the same chemicals as your process system.

The ProSpect inline process control requires very little routine maintenance ensuring your continual process control and giving you very high uptime. Scheduled Preventative Maintenance is only required annually.


Inline Process Control from Process Experts

Inline Process Control from Process Experts

Easy to Install

The ProSpect in-line analyser is easily installed adjacent to your process system and with little downtime. Fibre optic cables are installed directly into your process line in a specifically designed hygienic stainless steel flow cell.

The ProSpect in-line analyser also seamlessly integrates into existing PLC/ Control Platforms in operation throughout the plant. Speedy implementation is easily achieved thanks to the pre-loaded calibrations that require only a small amount of localisation.


Robust Design

Specifically designed for the milk and dairy process environment, the ProSpect in-line analyser is enclosed in a hygienic stainless steel NEMA 4 sealed cabinet. With the manufacturer’s company history steeped in process system design and manufacture they have been sure to design an analyser that tolerates everything a harsh process environment can throw at it including: vibrations, humidity and temperature fluctuations.



Simple to Operate

The completely automated in-line process control continuously compares multiple constituents and their concentration against production parameters, feeding required information to the Process Operator and to the integrated process control.


True Transmission Based Near Infrared Analysis for Unsurpassed Accuracy

At the heart of the ProSpect in-line analyser is the Near-infrared Spectrometer using an ultra high resolution diode array detector to deliver continuous, accurate analysis in transmittance mode. Transmission NIR has long been recognised as superior for in-line liquid analysis requiring high accuracy.



Calibrations have been developed for a wide range of milk and dairy products such as: MPC, WPC, skim milk, butter, cheese milk and cheese. To ensure a speedy implementation the ProSpect in-line analyser is pre-calibrated for multiple constituents including Fat, Protein, Lactose and Total Solids.


Better Process Control Equates to Increased Profit

With immediate milk analysis and accurate information about your dairy product blending and product composition you can adjust your processes to maintain your product consistency, reducing product giveaway, out-of-spec products and safety margins.


ProSpect Process Control for Every Application

For Liquids and Slurries- Transmission Products

Transmission based analytical control solutions are recognised as providing superior analysis and precise measurement of liquids and slurries because the probes are placed within the constituent flow. Alternative solutions may measure only incoming or finished product or a smaller surface sample. ProSpect offers 3 different transmission analytical control solutions:

  • ProSpect TS1 – Single transmission spectrometer monitoring one process flow
  • ProSpect TM1 – Single transmission spectrometer monitoring two process flows for specific applications
  • ProSpect TD1 -Two transmission spectrometers monitoring two process flows

For Powders- Reflectance Products (due early 2014)

Highly sensitive and accurate, ProSpect Reflectance Products have the same robust features and advantages of ProSpect Transmission Products with the addition of unique, proprietary design elements.

Command Software

Along with the powerful capability to streamline the communication infrastructure used for analysis, reporting and automatic process control, Command delivers flexibility and can be customised for individual facility requirements. Command provides data logging, security, alarming and remote troubleshooting capabilities.

  • Command Basic – Controls the ProSpect NIR spectrometer, predicts and displays results
  • Command System – Sends and receives communication with the plant level PLC platform
  • Command Network – Provides network-wide control across the production facility
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